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Cover Photo:
An outdoor cupping at Sao Silvestre Specialty Coffee Farm, Brazil.

May | June 2015


From the Publisher

From the Editor

News Item
The Branding of an Origin: How Colombia promotes Denominations of Origin

The Firestarters
Andrew Timko of Blueprint Coffee

The Coffee Review
The State of the Capsule 2015

The Roasters Guild’s 2015 Roasters Choice Competition: A Recap

First Crack
Hot Products & Fresh Press

Trade Show Calendar

Advertiser Index

Parting Shot


A New Focus on Farm-Level Economics
Addressing the challenges facing coffee farmers in Rwanda and Burundi

Storage Woes
The pros and cons of third-party warehousing

A Cupper’s Journey
Four stages of development

The Benefits of Membership
Coffee industry trade associations

Organic Acids Revisited
Another look at discoveries in coffee chemistry


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