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Roast magazine is proud to present
this comprehensive resource
for new and experienced roasters alike

The Book of Roast: The Craft of Coffee Roasting from Bean to Business is a compilation of articles previously published in Roast (plus a few book-only exclusives). The nearly 500-page tome covers the history of coffee roasting, coffee production, the science of coffee and roasting, roasting techniques, and the basics of running a coffee roasting business. This book is a complete coffee roasting resource for new and experienced roasters.

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The Book of Roast includes extensive chapters on the following topics:

• History of Roasting
• Coffee Production
• Processing Methods
• Certifications
• Green Coffee buying
• Green Coffee Storage
• Green Coffee defects
• Purchasing a Roaster
• Cleaning a Roaster

• Science of coffee Roasting
• Roasting Styles & Techniques
• Cupping & Sensory Evaluation
• Quality Control
• Blending
• Decaffeinated Coffee

• Packaging
• Business Basics
• Emissions
• Food Safety Modernization Act

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