Take the journey of coffee in this beautiful new coffee table book.

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Roast magazine is proud to present
this beautiful new photo book

Coffee Covered: A Photographic Journey of Coffee From Farm to Cup
is a book about coffee, from its humble origins as a bean to the time it ends up brewed in your cup—a long journey. From the time it has been harvested to the time it is consumed it will have been picked, dried, transported thousands of miles, roasted, packaged and bought with care by dozens of people of varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic status. This book is a tribute to the world’s most popular drink and the process and people that make it possible.

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About the Author/Photographer

Mark Shimahara has been a contributing photographer for Roast magazine since 2011. His time in coffee includes volunteer work in Guatemala for the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Institute and Coffee Kids. In 2011, he placed third at the World Siphonist Championships in Tokyo. His career in photography began in cycling. He covered a number of international events including the Tour De France from 2002–2006.

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