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FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Roast magazine is proud to present the next annual Roast Summit event.

Roast Summit
| February 10, 2022 | Online event

Join us, virtual-style, for one day of all things roasting.

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Join us on Thursday, February 10, 2022 for Roast magazine's third annual Roast Summit. This will be our second online event. While we can't be together in person this year, we have an amazing day of all things roasting lined up, and the event will be free to all. The summit will feature an incredible lineup of talks from industry experts, as well as Q&A sessions with guest presenters. Roast is proud to host this online event, and we look forward to seeing you online on February 10th!

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Check back here for additional updates to the list of speakers and presenters. Click on a presenter's name or photo for more information about them.

Nicki Amouri is a Licensed Arabica Q Grader, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Certified Roaster, SCA Certified Barista and an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST). She is currently the Roastmaster, green bean buyer, and roasting instructor at Caffè Amouri in Vienna, VA. Nicki designs and teaches roasting courses at The Caffè Amouri Experience's SCA Certified Premier Training Lab, advises wholesale customers regarding their coffee operations, and supervises the roasting team.  Nicki has worked on Caffè Amouri's Diedrich IR-12 since 2014; roasting, developing profiles, creating automated profiles by editing manual roasts, and maintaining, cleaning and troubleshooting problems.  She has been a consultant for other roasters on a number of issues including improving roast profiles, utilizing Diedrich automation, training roasting staff, and roaster maintenance.  Nicki also regularly roasts on an Ambex YM-10 roaster and a Mill City sample roaster. Nicki has a BS in Religious Studies and American Culture from Randolph-Macon Women's College and a M.Div from Union Theological Seminary. 

Nicki Amouri
Roastmaster, Caffè Amouri

Juliet Han is a coffee professional who has been a roaster for over ten years. Roasting for specialty coffee retail heavyweights to academic research, her scope of work has given her a unique perspective and more unanswered questions to keep her up at night. With over 17 years in the industry, she started as a barista and found her love in roasting and QC. As a newly certified Q Instructor and consultant, she hopes to continue working at the intersection of education and trade with the bigger goal as a coffee research communicator. 

Juliet Han
Coffee professional and educator

Rob Hoos is a coffee roasting consultant and owner of Iteration.Coffee in Rainier, OR. Rob is the author of Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee and has been a roaster since 2008. He has extensive experience in the specialty coffee industry, including roasting, training, purchasing and profile evaluation. He is a subject matter expert for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and conducts coffee roasting workshops online and in-person at his lab in Rainier, OR.

Rob Hoos
Coffee roasting consultant, author and educator

Trish Rothgeb is Co-founder and Roastmaster for Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in San Francisco, California. Her experience in the industry spans over 30 years as a coffee roaster, quality control specialist, green coffee buyer, and entrepreneur. She teaches quality evaluation practices to coffee professionals around the world.

Trish Rothgeb
Roastmaster, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters


Tasting the Roast Curve: Finding Our Way to the Perfect Profile
Nicki Amouri | Roastmaster, Caffè Amouri
As roasters, it is our job to create the best tasting coffee possible.  We need to find the perfect profile and we work to find that perfect profile.  How do we know for sure that we have found the perfect profile?  The answer is to change one variable at a time while keeping the others the same, or constant.  We do this to know precisely how one change affects the quality of a roast.  And, can we know what those changes taste like?  Absolutely!  In this seminar, we will attempt to “taste” the segments, or phases, of the roast curve.  Experiments will be carried out in three sections: “Shorter versus longer Maillard,” “Shorter versus longer Drying,” and “Shorter versus longer Development.” We will hear from Q-Graders, roasters, baristas, and customers about how the profiles we “taste” in each of the phases are distinguishable. Tasting results may affirm what you already know or may give you insight into further improving your ideal profile. 

Coffee Research Trends
Juliet Han | Coffee professional and educator

Consistency in Roasting 
Rob Hoos | Coffee roasting consultant, author and educator
The parts of roasting that are not usually glamorized in social media and by roastery marketing departments are what we find ourselves engaged in the majority of the time. Working to recreate the same recipe - same flavor - on a roaster that is undergoing change, in an environment that is changing, with a green coffee that is changing and evolving with age... How can we be consistent. I want to work through a number of ways to increase our consistency as well as looking at examples of my own roasting to show how to set yourself up for success, and objectively measure it.

Why Green Grading Matters 
Trish Rothgeb | Roastmaster, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
Occasionally we've had a coffee that can still taste great even if it has failed a green grading examination. A coffee can show up with a lot of broken or shells or any variety of primary defects, but still score very high on the flavor scale. So why should we care? Isn't it all about the cup quality anyway? We delve into the purpose of defect counts and reporting in this talk. Get a sense of what matters to the industry and how to approach it at your roastery.  


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